A New Year Has Come!

Happy New Years officially!

It's been a good year as always. Even when looking back over the year and seeing all the the ugly and hard and sad days; they still can't compete with the joy of knowing Christ is my savior and he is good! Not to mention he made me a promise that even those days would be valuable in my life. So yeah, It's been a good year and I hope you are reflecting back on your year and you see God's faithful provisions in your life as well. Maybe later I'll tell you about mine and how he has been good to me this year.
Anyways moving forward, which is exactly what new years celebration is all about. Forward moving, leaving the past behind and looking to what's ahead! Straight out of Philippians 3! I know that now as an adult. I see how on the the last day of the year looking at the past 364 days squeezed into a short series of thoughts and assessing its worth or lessons, its turmoil and providence, is a fairly big deal. As a kid I never understood the occasion. I didn't understand why I had to miss out on sleeping to watch a ball fall out of the sky, and lots of people dressed up like its Marti gras make out, popping bottles, and blowing obnoxious horns wearing obscene hats. And then our family would talk about their resolutions for the year which I definitely didn't understand. Why make a promise just because tomorrow's date has a different number on the end? Granted I was a child and for me the best resolve I had was to get in less trouble. Nevertheless, it's still, in my mind, a plausible question. Why make a resolution? Do we even know what that really means to be resolute?
1. firmly resolved or determined; set in purpose or opinion.
2. characterized by firmness and determination, as the temper, spirit, action etc.
synonyms: earnest, firm, fixed, steadfast, unwavering, undaunted.
That, in my opinion, is some pretty hefty stuff. It's not simply a, "this year I want to..." It's a total take over, complete change. A resolution marks us, it identifies our character, our spirit, our action, etc. It was intended to be set in determination for accomplishment, something that there are no backsies or crossed fingers on. Like our founding fathers for example; they resolved that this nation would be its own, belonging to its people, following its own standards of justice, a network of people held together by a common conviction and for them to fail was not an option. They lived, breathed, ate, were the resolution they wanted to see at all cost...including their lives. When have I ever felt the earnestness of soul to BECOME the embodiment of the change I want to see? Really? I can tell you this-its not often and for me its not once a year either.
In one hundred percent human honesty, I don't believe I have the innate character to dedicate myself like that. There are lots of good things to resolute and lots of things in our ever-changing society that tells us we should resolve to: new bodies, social justices, time worthy activities, etc. But for me, is it worth it?
I don't know if that is true for you but for me in the very same breath I speak that level of apathy my spirit sings His praises. I serve a God of fervent, NEVER CHANGING conviction. In a world where resolution is to much of a commitment for me, lives the God who resolved before time began to commit himself to me. Where I feel anxiety by my character being marked or defined by my resolution, sits a God on his throne that branded his character loving, good, and constant for all of eternity. I serve a God unaffected by changes in time. A God who isn't apathetic like I am. A God who is out to make me like him.
He wants me to love my brothers and sisters and to earnestly seek to serve them. He wants me to be resolved in telling the world of his loving kindness. To boldly go make disciples in his name. He wants me to obey him with firm conviction. He wants to give unwavering hope in a chaotic world. He wants to give me a heart of flesh not stone, hands and feet to serve, and eyes undaunted by the evils of this world. He is out to give me himself. My inherent nature may be to shy away from such commitment, but Christ being greater than me is in the process of purging that sinfulness and giving me a contrite spirit. He is giving me a resolute spirit like his own! He won't settle for my weak, pathetic soul. No, and since he knows I can't produce the ferocity it takes to become like him; he is good enough to take my life-less being and breathe newness into me! He is good to define me by his character not mine!
While my heart is still hard towards new year resolutions, his heart is privy to being resolute in changing me all together for all of eternity- one day, one year at a time until we meet in perfection face to face. But If I'm not careful I will miss all of this! I see best looking back, he sees all time mapped out before his eyes. This process that I often only take once a year to observe is going on all day everyday in the secret places of my heart only he knows. So if there is anything I need to resolve, it's to observe more and seek Him more- remembering He will bring about the changes in me because I can't.
So on the first day of 2014, looking back over the last year of my life I see where God has been faithful: faithful to provide, purge, convict, change, love, remain, grow, and lead. But mostly, I see how he has been faithful to give me more of himself and take away more of me. Just like he promised.
                     Hindsight is always 20/20.

If Anyone Is In Christ, He Is A New Creation, The Old Has Past The New Has Come! 2 Corinthians 5:17


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