True Love Waits?

I just read a blog about true love waits...incredibly good...and thought provoking.

 I've had a similar experience with church and true love waits, I don't blame the church for my naivety, I blame myself for not seeking truth.

Granted the true love waits symbol in and of itself is a nobel one, one that promotes purity and holiness and not just abstinence (even though, in many ways that's what our bible belt society has turned it into) and those things are good.

 Yet, I cant help but think now, looking back at my own experience with TLW (aka conferences,studies, rings and things), that those things are good, but they aren't God- which is what this girl's point was. She made the point, True Love Waits for what? For a husband? For God to grant our wishes? What's it waiting for? To sum up her blog, We are told to save sex for marriage, to wait a husband, but that isn't what Jesus wants...He wants us. ALL OF US. Not for us to have another to put our hope in. We have true love, His name is Jesus.

 Great blog, Great truth to accept.

I thought about this great Love we have and true love and I thought more on my own experiences and truths I know...and I thought...

Why on Earth, the people who started TLW, would they have ever chose that phrase??

It's SO FALSE!!!

I've said this before and I'll say it again. God is Love. Love is God. It's all the same. That being said, True Love, doesn't wait! True Love, is an all consuming fire and He is out to set the World ablaze, not to wait.

When Christ picked his disciples He said leave everything and follow me, and they did. When one asked to bury his father first Jesus replied... “Follow me, and let the dead bury their own dead.” (Matt 8:22) Does that sound like the kind of love that waits? 

Now, that's not to say Jesus never waits, because he did and He does. He waits for us to choose Him. Revelation says that Jesus stands at the door and knocks (incessantly) and whoever answers, He will come in and dine. True Love knew that love could not be forced and therefore He waits for us to chose Him, to love Him. But no where in scripture does He wait stagnantly. He is in a constant state of reconciling the world to himself. He is in a constant state of making His love known and undeniable. He is in a constant state of sanctification of the saints.

He waits FOR us, not ON us. 

He is bigger than us, His love and goodness is not contingent on us, but because true Love decided to sacrifice Himself and His rights FOR us, He waits FOR us to do the same for Him....

 True Love doesn't wait. True love calls Himself out of us and demands a holiness that a ring or selfish ambition cannot produce. True Love doesn't wait until we reach eternity to make us in the likeness of perfection; He has set transformation into motion now. True love doesn't wait to purify us; He has already heated the fire for our cleansing. True love doesn't wait to share Himself with us- in fact true love began before any of us were knit together in our mother's womb (psalm 139). True Love is not limited to time or space, and so true love is not limited to waiting...No, True Love loves to fiercely to wait.

True Love just doesn't Wait. 


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