Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter....repeat.

(Disclosure: let me preface this by saying that the way I write is universal but this is a letter of affirmation and revelation for myself and letting others into my processes)

Seasons are a funny thing in life...

We come into the world and pretty quickly grasp that the world is ever changing. As a kid, you know when it's fall, winter, spring, and certainly summer! School's out!

But at what point do we truly grasp that seasons were created for us because we are the ones every changing?

I mean even at the age of 3 we ask questions that are cute and silly and as adults we laugh and say "awww presh!" like, "where did the flowers go, mommy?" or "why does rain fall from the sky?" or "what's snow and can I eat it??" We recognize that the world around us is in this constant state of metamorphosis, but when do we realize the same is true for ourselves?

And I don't mean just physically, like charting your height on a door post...there is much more changing in us than our growth plates.

There has to be a point that we recognize, as ensouled beings, we are subject to changing season just as our Earth is subject to revolving around the Sun. Our Earth depends on the force of the Sun to hold it in place, maintain its temperature, create the perfect conditions for every season in life. I can't speak for you (but I'm willing to bet you can understand or even relate), but for me I have a tendency to look at the Earth and human kind as separate creations, that one was created for the other. That the Earth was created for mankind to exist on; like Earth is our platform for existing. I don't have the perspective to say that we are as much a part of creation as Earth is. Our Earth is subject to the sun for it's every necessity....and since we are creation as well if you think about it, are we really that different than the Earth?

Are we not constantly changing? Do we not go through seasons of growth and seasons to rest?

AND are we any less subject to a force greater than us?? 

Can we escape this force anymore than the Earth can escape the sun?

The answer is we aren't that different.

But back to my original question, When do we as people understand that we are a people of seasonal change? And does it take us coming to this understanding to succumb to the power that controls our seasons?

To an extent yes.

Because we are creation- we are subjected to force of the Son. Our ever changing lives are caused by the perfect axis God has placed us on that makes everything work out for His good. We were created for a life of seasons because we were always intended for a life of transformation. Our Earth is a physical representation of the spiritual journey our souls experience...Our Earth goes through seasons, our earth is aging, our earth is awaiting the day that it is made into a new and perfect world. We really aren't that different than the rest of creation....surprise!

I really do think, just by measure of observation, that it isn't until we accept that this is true of us- that we are subject to the force of the Son (that we are an ever changing, completely control-less being that rely on our God to maintain our lives), that we fully allow ourselves to submit to the force that clouts us. When I distinguish myself as an entity of God's creation and therefore am subject to His climate changes, I not only acknowledge my identity, I acknowledge my purpose (that being a part of creation, my job is to live in accordance with my creator.)

Brittany theology here, but how we are called to have a child like faith- I think there is value in us have child like curiosity. If I keep my mind open to questioning and curiosity, My questioning changes from simple questions about the world around me to deep questions about the world within me...I go from curiosity about where the rain comes from to curiosity about how the rain affects my growth. I go from a desire to know about seasons to a desire to know about the seasons of my life. I go from wondering where did the blooms of flowers go to wondering how the environment around and in me affect the blossoms of character in my life. I go from asking mommy to asking my Daddy, the creator and nurturer of my life. My child-like curiosity keeps a freshness in my heart and mind, an openness to truth and revelation. A continual fascination with the never ceasing junctures of life.

Seasons are a funny thing, aren't they?


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