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3 Lessons I've Learned Walking Out Grief & Loss

Disclosure: I write this tonight unlike most of my blogs, with a heavy heart. Loss and grief surround me lately as my loved ones are aching for a multitude of reasons. I too have experienced a great deal of loss and grief lately and I relate as one who has ached and will ache again, so today I write with compassion an a tough subject...

Grief and Loss
Woof, Loss and Grief. What a topic to tackle.

I typically sit on topics for a while and mull them over before posting but this one is different. It almost felt necessary that I get it out as if my fingers couldn't contain it. Grief will do that to you. Have you noticed that? That grief has a way of making you do strange things. It's as if it is taking all the little corners of you and exposing them. Suddenly, ways you typically don't react you do or if you're a reactive person you become inactive. 

I don't know about you but for me it's as if loss is nature's own version of shock therapy. Every time I am surprised…

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